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Gasera One Formaldehyde

GASERA ONE FORMALDEHYDE analyzer is based on combining ultra sensitive cantilever enhanced photoacoustic detection technology with Quantum Cascade Laser source operating at a Mid-IR fundamental spectral absorption line of formaldehyde. This combination provides enough sensitivity to reliably measure ambient background levels of formaldehyde. It also gives an exceptionally high level of stability with a re-calibration period ranging from several months up to several years, and thus it offers a low total cost of ownership.


  • Standalone system with built-in gas exchange unit
  • Requires no consumables or wet chemistry
  • Portability that enables the field use
  • Short optical path that provides industryleading dynamic range with single-point calibration
  • Drift-free operation due to direct absorption measurement
  • Two built-in sample inputs and wide dynamic range provide the possibility of before-after comparison in different processes
  • Highly selective against aldehydes and other VOCs

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Safety and security, Metal Sorting