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Service & maintenance

Ever since the foundation of Green Lab Ltd. itself, our service group used to play a significant part in ensuring quality contacts and providing professional support to our partners. Green Lab Ltd. has been continuously helping its business partners via analytical instrument sales and aftersales as well as service supply in the Hungarian market since its foundation in 1996. 

In case of any arising technical questions, our service engineers give professional assistance based on several years of practical experience. In order to ensure ideal customer service supply any time of the year, there’s always at least two competent service personnel appointed to each installed instrument in Hungary.

Our service engineers regularly attend manufacturers’ trainings and consultancies giving them the opportunity to obtain up-to-date knowledge, practical method experiences and to discuss actual issues and exchange of information which would allow them thus to provide partner oriented and effective engineering services.

Our optimized and significant Hungary based stock was created on the basis of more than 20 years of operating experience. As a result, we can support any arising spare part requiremens in an advantegous timeframe and manner.



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