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Gasera One

GASERA ONE is a photoacoustic multi-gas analyzer that serves a wide variety of research and industrial applications. It combines the best of both worlds in the detector and the light source sides. The unmatched performance of GASERA ONE is based on a photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy engine with a patented ultra-sensitive cantilever pressure sensor.

For many problems GASERA ONE is a simple solution. It can be tailored to suit multiple applications by selecting optimal lasers and/or light sources. For even more complex measurement scenarios, several GASERA ONEs can be stacked and synchronized to provide an ultimate solution for your applications


  • Multiple gases analyzed simultaneously
  • High dynamic range and stable operation
  • No consumables
  • Low sample volume (few ml)
  • Built-in gas exchange system
  • Long re-calibration interval (several months)
  • User configurable monitoring tasks
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in display presents results both numerically and graphically
  • Remote operation via tablet, smartphone or another GASERA ONE

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Safety and security, Metal Sorting