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Thermo Scientific Watson Mercury Speciation System

Watson Mercury Speciation System

The Thermo Scientific™ Watson MSS is a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System that offers high measurement sensitivity and robust operation in harsh environments.

• Measures Total Mercury, HgT, as well as reports Mercury Speciation, Hg0 and Hg2+, for process control and optimization. Knowing the Hg2+ concentration of the flue gas is essential for low cost operation of the mercury reduction system.
• low certified measurement range
• Enclosed temperature controlled cabinet ensures reliable low-level mercury measurements with changing ambient conditions
• Large, installed base; 600+ mercury systems installed globally.
• low temperature of umbilical cable
• Inertial probe for heavy dust loading or for corrosive flue gas

Complete integrated solution!

The Thermo Scientific Watson MSS is a complete, integrated solution that is comprised of an analyzer, optional NIST traceable mercury calibrator, probe controller, probe/converter and umbilical (sample lines).

The simple design results in maximum ease of use, operating costs, high reliability, and easy maintenance.

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