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Dekati® ELPI®+

The Dekati® ELPI®+ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) is a widely-used and well-characterized particle size spectrometer for real-time particle measurements. The ELPI®+ enables measurement of real-time particle size distribution and concentration in the size range of 6 nm – 10 μm at 10 Hz sampling rate. The measurement method of the ELPI®+ is the same for all the particle sizes, making the ELPI®+ the only instrument available in the market that operates in such a broad particle size range using only one measurement technique. Since the ELPI®+ also operates in a wide particle concentration range, it is well suited for both high and low concentration applications such as environmental air quality or direct combustion source measurements. The ELPI®+’s robust structure is designed to be 

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Safety and security, Metal Sorting