DIGITEL DHA-80 - Green Lab Magyarország Mérnöki Iroda Kft.

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DIGITEL DHA-80 High-Volume Samplers are fully automatic systems to sample dust and aerosol particles for later assessment and analysis (gravimetric and analytical determination).

The sampler operation range in standard construction is 100 to 1.000 litres per minute (6 to 60 m³/h). DIGITEL HVS DHA-80 has a magazine of 15 filters clamped in filter holders. They rotate automatically to the flow position at the pre-set time. The devices can be integrated in automatic monitoring systems via various interfaces. The field housing of the DIGITEL HVS  DHA-80 is suited for outdoor installation.

The device is easy to transport and because of a good sound insulation very quiet. Superior workmanship in sampler mechanics backed by the latest technical and electronic control will guarantee a long lifetime and an absolute reliable operation. 

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Safety and security, Metal Sorting