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Green Lab Ltd. is operating a continuous Environmental Mobile Laboratory accredited under the No. NAH-1-1540/2019 by the National Accreditation Authority for the following accredited air pollution measurements.

We perform continuous 24/7 measurements of  CO, SO2, O3, NO/NO2/NOX, dust (PM10, PM2.5) and BTEX components, as well as meteorological parameters (wind speed, wind direction, temperature, atmospheric pressure) via our mobile environmental laboratory. We also undertake the sampling of PM10 fraction of airborne dust for determination of PAH and metal content on demand. Beyond the capabilities of continuous measurements, we undertake the determination of several pollutants (eg.: NO2, O3, BTEX, NH3, HCl, H2S components) via applying so-called passive monitors. These devices are easy to operate and reasonably priced and can be used to assess large areas with short or long term exposures.

Our laboratory also offers the possibility of sampling by means of a sequential instrument which enables to carry out standard immission as well as tailor-made sampling programmes for several key pollutants (eg.: NO2, SO2, BTEX, NH3 components). Monitoring carried out via these sequential samplers offers a perfect solution in those areas where 24-hour continuous measurements are not possible. In the light of the current legislations in effect the results obtained this way are adequate for evaluation. 

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