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A small compact analyzer that can easily be transported to the job site. When the task calls for fast, real time, high quality results, the S-Mobile spectrometers are the perfect answer for the job. Its optional Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) features higher-count rate and resolution for a better non-destructive analysis in the unique C(6) - Fm(100) elemental range from sub-ppm to 100% concentrations and a faster response, to minimize operational down time.

This powerful 50kV, 50 Watt portable X-ray analyzer is capable of rendering sensitive and precise analysis, similar to laboratory class analyzers. 

Suitable also for Ultra Low Sulfur applications and complies with the latest strict international standard methods for low sulfur concentration levels analysis: ASTM D7212, D4294 and ISO 20847, IP531. 


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Safety and security, Metal Sorting